The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that in the United States, buildings account for 39% of our total energy use, 12% of our total water consumption, 68% of our total electricity consumption and 38% of our total carbon dioxide emissions.

At KTID, we believe every person has a responsibility to positively affect the world we inhabit. We do that ourselves by housing our business in one the most energy efficient buildings in the United States, by practicing sustainable habits in our office environment and by encouraging sustainable design in all of our projects.

Humans spend 90% of life inside, so thinking deeply about the interior environment is critical if we are to ensure health and well being. We inform our clients of everything from proper ventilation to volatile organic compounds and do our best to weed through materials to ensure only safe, non-polluting finishes and furnishings go into our projects.

Our clients are rewarded by knowing that the air they breathe is cleaner; that the waste they create is limited; that the practices used to produce their materials are sustainable; that their energy bills will be less expensive; and that their children will have an equally rich living environment for themselves and future generations.