Whatever the project, the first goal at KTID is to understand our client’s needs, whereby we can begin to consider the scope of work. From this comprehensive programming, we take our focus to the space at hand, proposing any renovations and reconfigurations that may help achieve the project goals. Once the interior space has been programmed and planned, we turn our focus to architectural materials and finishes, proper lighting, and ultimately to interior and exterior furnishings. We believe this systematic approach leads to the most cohesive and successful interiors.

KTID believes strongly in the integrated design process, which brings all team members together at a project’s inception. While this may result in additional time spent by team members at the outset, we believe it will significantly reduce inefficiencies later. Likewise, the proper coordination between trades will ensure the best possible outcomes for the design.

At KTID, we collaborate with multiple architects, builders and engineers, enabling us to carry out design needs from furnishings through full-scale interior renovations and additions. From inception through completion, KTID is fully equipped to oversee the design and construction of the project.

Ultimately, we recognize that our goals are to meet the goals of our clients. We fully enjoy understanding the unique nature of each of our projects and clients, solving their spatial problems, and creating interior environments that better the lives of everyone involved.